At Suryaside, no two teachers are alike! We strive for a group of  well-rounded and diverse instructors.


Roque Rodriguez is the proud Co-Founder of Suryaside Yoga. He is Co-Director and Co-Lead Trainer of both the Suryaside Yoga and Hosh Yoga 200 hour Teacher Trainings. He received his first Yoga teacher Certification from Yoga To The People in 2009 and continued his studies with the Ishta Yoga 500 Hour level course and at Jason Brown’s Anatomy For Yoga Teachers program.Roque believes that a yoga practice is the most effective way to bring yourself, and in turn the world, in to balance. Whether it’s to become a better athlete, more successful at business, recover from an injury, or improve your relationships with others, a yoga practice can provide you the tools necessary to meet your goals and better honor your intentions. He is honored to share this practice with the world; especially people and communities who have not traditionally had access to the teachings.



Yuuki is the proud owner of Dou Yoga as well as the co-founder of Suryaside Yoga and  Hosh Yoga. He is the Co-Director and Co-Lead teacher of the 200 hour teacher training program at Dou Yoga and Suryaside Yoga.​In addition to a decade of practice, Yuuki has been teaching since 2008. He completed his 500 hour training with ISHTA Yoga but his thirst for knowledge and passion for the subtle body and energetics has brought him the Tri-State College of Acupuncture where he graduated as a licensed acupuncturist.Yuuki believes in the importance of functional movement and using the breath as a foundation and progression of one’s yoga practice. With his understanding of anatomy, body mechanics, meditation, the breath and the energy that weaves all it together, Yuuki wishes to educate and create an environment of inquiry, healing and growth for his students



Emi Iwasa, a RYS200 certified teacher, hails from Tokyo, Japan. Originally a dancer, Emi started practicing yoga in order to build strength and improve flexibility.She was quick to discover the power of breath control, one of the key components of yoga, and greatly treasures both its physical and mental benefits. The goal of her class is to find a both a balance and a connection between effort, movement, and breath. The emphasis is on you, not any other person. 



Jessica Hanson first discovered her passion for yoga as she searched for a technique that would compliment her dance training. She was compelled to participate in yoga classes not to become more flexible - but to become stronger and prevent injuries. Falling in love with alignment-based techniques, Jessica completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in 2008 in Colorado where she studied both Iyengar and Anusara Yoga.

Jessica strives to create a nurturing, yet fun and challenging environment where students of all levels can feel welcome. By focusing on alignment (often using props and holding poses for an extended period of time to explore the poses and gain maximum benefits), body awareness, positivity, and both strengthening and stretching techniques, Jessica hopes to inspire each person she meets to reach their greatest individual potential. Her specialties include inversions, lower back health, and restorative yoga.

Outside of the studio, Jessica continues her passion for health/wellness as a Celiac Disease advocate. She runs the blog "Tasty Meditation: Tales from a Gluten Free Kitchen" and is the Lead Organizer of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group, the largest gluten free Meetup Group in the world

Jessica Hanson