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Rates & Dates

Fall 2019 : 12 Sessions

Mondays :September 9 -December 16

(No class on 9/30, 10/14 and 11/11)

Ages 4-6 : 3:45-4:30 PM

Ages 7-9 : 5:00-5:45 PM


Early Birds Book by August 9

$199 per child

Regular Tuition after August 9:

$220 per child

We live in a world of rhythm, starting with the bodily rhythms of the mother when a child is in utero, and continuing in the bigger world... Through these rhythms, children come to know the world and their place in it. An integral part of this rhythm and an element central to yoga is establishing the in and out breath of each child.

The Suryaside Kids Program

Created by an early childhood educator and a certified kids yoga teacher, we believe that emotions are essential to learning.

Story time, games, singing and dancing are not just fun but add to the betterment of the child’s well-being and emotional health.


Suryaside kids yoga utilizes movement activities, so that children can optimize their physical health through breath, balance, flexibility games and practice. Our kids program emphasizes self-challenge rather than competition, and in this way, children can begin the lifelong practice toward deeper knowledge about their own bodies in a fun and focused environment.


By focusing on mind-body activities which utilize relaxation methods based on yoga and meditation Suryaside Kids lays the groundwork for mindful living. Through concentration on the breath, children can direct their attention inward to develop introspection and self reflection.


Children grow in their spiritual lives through learning respect of their immediate environment and calm meditation practice. Spirituality for kids is also about fun and joy. With yogic laughter and games we provide children with the opportunity to access their inner creativity and spirit.

Typical 45 Minute Class Structure:

Circle Time

  • Group activity / Socialization

  • Story time

  • Game / Singing / Dancing

Yoga Practice

  • Imagination adventure yoga class

Rest Time

  • Resting body & mind

  • Receiving massage

  • Meditation

Good Bye 

  • Good bye circle

  • Clean up our space

Our children are our future! 

Kana Hirano's life mission is to bring better education to all children. She believes that education can change the world and has over 10 years of experience working with children.


From volunteering to teaching kindergarten/pre-school in Japan and her present day teaching position at a private alternative education preschool in Manhattan, she has cultivated a very well rounded approach to child rearing. Kana graduated with a masters in early childhood education, but before becoming a teacher she traveled around the world observing and studying in kindergartens and orphanages. One of the places she volunteered was Mother Teresa's orphanage house in Kolkata, India.


It is her quest for knowledge, along with her sense of compassion, community service, and social responsibilty that keeps driving Kana forward in her mission of providing better education for all children.

Program Director


Move freely as animals, dance joyfully with the sun, and play together with respect.

Macklen will guide your child in mindful movement that is in rhythm with their current developmental stage. Together they will sing, laugh, read stories, imagine, dance, and rest.


Macklen taught elementary art (preK-6) for four years in Kansas before moving to Brooklyn for graduate school in Fine Arts. From there she followed a path to become a yoga teacher, where she found a way to blend creative thinking, movement practices, and educational theory with a focus on the process, rather than the product.


As a teacher and artist, she seeks joy in the simplest parts of life. Poetic movements and quirky humor guide her form of communication. Macklen creatively weaves meditation, developmental understanding, Hatha-based asana, and fosters a safe setting for students to explore. She nurtures an environment where your child can be praised, recognized, and honored for who they truly are in a vibrant time of their development.


While embodying a childlike curiosity, she enjoys playing the harmonium, tooling around on a Raleigh 3-Speed bicycle, creating found-object sculptural performances, and being a puppeteer.


Macklen received a 25-hour Kids Yoga certification from Hosh Yoga, a 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Dou Yoga, under the guidance of Yuuki Hirano and Ariel Kiley. She holds a Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute and a Bachelor of Art Education (PreK-12) from the University of Kansas.





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Suryaside Yoga & Wellness is a proud member of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and the Skillman Project. Suryaside Yoga spearheaded "I Can Breathe Yoga", a new initiative to train yoga teachers from vulnerable communities helping organize classes in their neighborhoods. Suryaside Yoga & Wellness offer classes to seniors, children and yoga in espanol. Ask us we can partner with your community organization.



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