Great for those working on a specific issue, beginners who want to start with a solid and thorough foundation or experienced yogis looking to deepen their practice through one on one instruction.  We’ll match you up with one of our knowledgeable instructors who will tailor each lesson to your unique needs.

Where would you like your private session?

What are your preferred days & times? Please be as specific as possible. 

What rate & duration would you prefer?

In-Home session rates will vary depending on travel time and use of props. 

Why are you interested in a private yoga session? What would you like to gain out of the session? *

Is there a teacher you prefer to work with?

Do you have any injuries, past or current? If yes, is it diagnosed? Have you seen a doctor?

Please tell us a little bit about your self (type of work, lifestyle, experience with yoga, etc.)


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Suryaside Yoga & Wellness is a proud member of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and the Skillman Project. Suryaside Yoga spearheaded "I Can Breathe Yoga", a new initiative to train yoga teachers from vulnerable communities helping organize classes in their neighborhoods. Suryaside Yoga & Wellness offer classes to seniors, children and yoga in espanol. Ask us we can partner with your community organization.



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