Suryaside was born from an unrelenting desire to teach people to self-heal and self-soothe. We firmly believe that each and every person is born with everything they need to achieve bliss, and self-actualization.

Suryaside Wellness

49-20 Skillman Avenue at 50 Street

Suryaside Wellness is the fitness extension of Suryaside’s Practicing Humanity philosophy. We believes that wellness is a state of being. It is about how you feel and how you live. We offer various group fitness classes with a mindful approach.

Suryaside Yoga

49-06 Skillman Avenue at 49 Street

We believe that mindful, functional movement will help to cultivate healthy, balanced, compassionate human beings. Yoga is about Practicing Humanity, to take the skills of mindfulness and apply it in our body, our actions, in our relationships, in our daily life. Yoga is for everyone and we invite all people to come practice humanity with us.

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Suryaside Yoga & Wellness is a proud member of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and the Skillman Project. Suryaside Yoga spearheaded "I Can Breathe Yoga", a new initiative to train yoga teachers from vulnerable communities helping organize classes in their neighborhoods. Suryaside Yoga & Wellness offer classes to seniors, children and yoga in espanol. Ask us we can partner with your community organization.



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Suryaside Wellness . 49-20 Skillman Avenue, Sunnyside, NY 11377 . Map .

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